Mortgage rate: the downward trend continues

As we announced at the beginning of the month, rates continue to drop in September. In the regions, barometers show an almost general decline. Whether mini or average, real estate rates are reaching record lows. Minimum rate: historically low rates In September 2016, at Across Lender we are seeing record interest rates for minimum rates. […]

What Is Unsecured Loans? Let’s Recognize Here

Islamic loans are now increasingly attractive to be used as a method of borrowing money. Not wanting to be outdone by other financial institutions, Islamic financial institutions also have credit products in the form of unsecured loans . Do not be afraid or have any thoughts if the application for this loan will be difficult […]

Looking for Loans for Wedding Costs?

Unsecured loans, or what is often known as Unsecured Credit , is an alternative choice for individuals who want to take out debt but do not want to be burdened by having to provide certain collateral. In the financial world, this kind of alternative is also known as Personal Loan, which is a type of […]

Loans With Peer-to-Peer Systems

The term peer to peer or P2P loan system may not be too popular in Indonesia because this is still relatively new in this country. Loans with P2P systems are money lending systems to individuals or businesses online which on the service provider site and P2P loan facilities will match between lenders or investors (creditors) […]

What Is An Investment Loan / Investment Credit

The Indonesian government is working hard to continue to help the level of the Indonesian economy to be better. Thus, if the country’s economic conditions improve, the economic conditions of the people should also experience a significant increase. For this reason, there are so many programs that were then born by the government that can […]